About us

To all those who belong everywhere and nowhere. Who speak one language and dream in another. To the old souls. The star gazers. The hopeless romantics. The poets and thinkers. The misfits. And to anyone who finds themselves swimming against the current, no matter how much they try to go with the flow: this is about us. You and me. In a place far away from the noise of our daily routines. And in the only language that needs no training: music.

Although a classically-trained pianist, I travel between the classical and my original compositions, which are sometimes dreamy nocturnes and other times non-dreamy non-nocturnes. In the same way, my whole life I have lived between opposing sides: the heart and the mind, the traditional and the rebellious, the East and the West. The key, I discovered, is not to pick a side, but to build bridges between them.

Mediterranean waves in Lattakia
Photo by Aladdin Hammami

I was born in the coastal city of Lattakia, Syria, surrounded by the scent of jasmine, the warmth of family, and the waves of the Mediterranean. I grew up in Kuwait and, later, attended the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University for a degree in electrical engineering. Ironically, the spark wasn't there. Still, I walked away rich in friendship, adventure, and gratitude.

I run my very own online magazine called "Dissonant" in which I share my (often) unconventional opinions about music, business, and life. You can sign up for it here or see past issues here.

When I am not hitting black and white keys, I like to go on walks and chat with unsuspecting strangers. My quirks include a low-key obsession with watermelon and a high-key organisation of my room.

If you picked up on all the word play above: high five. If you don't care about word play but want to get in touch, then get in touch.

Thank you so much for stopping by.